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"Dr. Kendseth is an advocate of proper dental office sterilization and cleanliness. If you are already a patient of Dr. Kindseth you've see how diligent he is in protecting you."

Dr Jeff Kindseth
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Your dental health is very important to Dr. Kindseth. Starting with a sterile and clean office environment, Dr. Kindseth knows that routinely monitoring and sterilizing equipment is part of his responsibility to ensure your safety. All instruments and drills come out of the sterilized bags. The best disinfectants and cleaners are used to clean Dana Point Dental Care. This way, you know that everything possible has been done, making sure you don't have to worry about your families health.

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Dr. Kindseth has a number of extended financing options available for qualified patients. When you schedule a consultation these extended options can be discussed. Dana Point Dental Care can also give you any necessary insurance information.

Dr Jeff Kindseth

Your dental health is very important. Find out how Dr. Kindseth can help you reach your dental care needs